[extropy-chat] SI morality

Samantha Atkins samantha at objectent.com
Sat Apr 17 20:44:12 UTC 2004

On Apr 17, 2004, at 6:52 AM, Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

> We have been over parts of this previously.  Rational does not equal 
> moral.
> I was raked over the coals for suggesting the proper response to 911 
> was
> to nuke Afghanistan.  Rational (I was perhaps exercising my Vulcan 
> side)
> but not moral.  Net result 2+ years later we are *still* looking for
> Osama at who knows what cost.

Well, I don't want to wait back into the swamp.  However, to be 
rational the proposed action  would have had to be consistent with the 
hierarchy of all your values and likely to lead to the best outcome 
over your predictive range.   As you did not successfully show this I 
don't see how a claim of the proposal act being hyper-rational is 


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