[extropy-chat] Singularity econimic tradeoffs

Paul Bridger paul.bridger at paradise.net.nz
Sat Apr 17 23:16:03 UTC 2004

Samantha Atkins wrote:

>> Computers nowadays are not all-purpose, as such AI takes special
>> architectures. Very unlike what they teach in CS classes. It will 
>> further
>> take AI codes, which are otherwise useless but for adaptive robotics and
>> gaming.
> Interesting as the gaming world is quite strong and actually often 
> drives significant consumer  hardware improvements.   I shudder to 
> contemplate what AI characters designed for the standard violent 
> adventure type games would become if they ran on sufficient hardware 
> and got to the bootstrap threshold.    Military battle sim entities 
> would yield roughly equivalent nightmares.
While it is certainly true that most game AI today is of the primitive 
kill-the-human sort, this will change as our ability to create real 
intelligence increases. Right now, game programmers are only capable of 
creating bots that run around and shoot things, or stupid but quick 
tacticians (for strategy games). If game programmers had the knowledge 
to build real AI today, they wouldn't use it for these same purposes, if 
only because that would be a waste of precious CPU time. The games of 
the future will use real AI for the things that real AI would be good 
for -- interacting with humans with a much broader spectrum of 
posibilities. Still, I suppose it will still be popular for that "broad 
spectrum" to contain conflict. :(

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