[extropy-chat] PRIVACY: GPS darts

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 20 21:04:21 UTC 2004

I am familliar with tags that are embedded in baby trout, which game
wardens can use to track fish populations in streams from as much as
100' from the bank. This tech was available in 1999 and being used here
in NH. Had not seen the size of the tags, but I was told they were
injected, with a cross section of 1-2 mm by 20 mm or thereabouts.

--- Dan Clemmensen <dgc at cox.net> wrote:
> I knew it was a spoof before I looked at the page, based on the
> antenna 
> and the power requirement. If I want to use high tech to tag and
> track 
> someone, this is not the way I would do it.
> On the antenna size: There is a reason an RFID tag is 2cmX5cm.
> On power: there is a reason an RFID tag can only be scanned from
> within a few feet at most.
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >Yes, the picture of the rifle looks like a comic book writers
> fetish.
> >However, my point of posting this is that any tech realistic enough
> to
> >spoof well is close enough to the edge of current day tech reality
> that
> >it is just around the corner. If he had done the gun design better
> he
> >might have spoofed more people.
> >
> >That he received such an enthusiastic audience in China for the
> concept
> >he was spoofing is pretty indicative of where things are headed.
> >
> >while radio requires at least a few centimeters, a real GPS dart
> could
> >easily penetrate more than a few centimeters, trailing a flexible
> >antenna. The GPS chip itself is getting smaller  and smaller, and
> can
> >easily be powered by a coil drawing on ambient radio noise.
> >
> >--- Dan Clemmensen <dgc at cox.net> wrote:
> >  
> >
> >>This has to be a spoof.
> >>   -- The picture of the rifle itself looks bogus.
> >>   -- The picture of the chip and its capsule shows a unit that is
> >>far too large to be implanted with only "mosquito-like"
> consequences.
> >>   -- Such a device would need both a GPS receiver and some sort of
> >>transmitter. It the transmitter cannot reach more than (say) 50
> feet,
> >>then GPS is irrelevant: you can just triangulate on the
> transmitter.
> >>   -- Micro-scale devices cannot in general transmit or receive
> radio
> >>waves. You need an antenna of the correct size, and that size is at
> >>least a few centimeters.
> >>
> >>    
> >>
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