[extropy-chat] Calorie Reduction Cardiovascular Benefits

Johnius of Genius johnius at genius.ucsd.edu
Wed Apr 21 05:08:25 UTC 2004

Hal wrote:
A new report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy
of Sciences has encouraging news about the health effects of calorie
reduction. [...]
These values look really good.  HDL-C is the "good" cholesterol and that
was the only one that was higher; all the others are risk factors and
were lower in the CR group. [...]
For those who can stick to it, the health benefits appear to be real.

	I can partially confirm that in my own case, I think.

	I recently went through an extensive series of tests
	(biomarkers, blood lab work, urine metabolites, physical
	exam, etc.) as part of my starting up with the California
	Healthspan Institute ( http://ehealthspan.com/ ).  The
	conclusion seems to be that considering all of my various
	measured parameters, I'm biologically about 80% younger
	than my chronological age.

	I've been on an anti-aging Zone diet for about a year,
	and have been eating fairly well for over 10 years,
	including about 1.5 years on a somewhat CR diet a la
	Walford.  I also exercise daily (about 1.5 hours bicycling,
	morning walk + calisthenics), and practice some stress relief.

	Of particular interest, my HDL-C is also quite high, and
	Dr. Rothenberg seemed impressed by it.

	My homocysteine is still a little high, but he said I can
	probably easily remedy that by upping my dosage of TMG.

	Other than that, a few of my hormone levels can stand to
	be raised, for anti-aging purposes.  These aren't really
	diet related, but are more age-based parameters.  My DHEA
	and melatonin levels can be easily raised by upping my
	oral dosages of them.  More stubborn are my testosterone
	and HGH levels.  CHI uses bio-identical hormone replacement,
	which is great, but also rather expensive.  So... I'm
	looking for cheaper alternatives.

	To potentially raise testosterone, I'm considering:
	* Tribulus (herb) to stimulate production
	* androstenedione (easily converted)
	* chrysin to reduce conversion of T to other things
	* other herbals: maca, nettle, etc.

	To potentially raise HGH, I'm considering:
	* megadosing arginine/ornithine and glutamine/glycine
	  to stimulate production
	* going south of the border [there is an Israeli company
	  that makes bio-identical HGH for about 10% of the US cost,
	  and its product may be available in Mexico ... anyone
	  know anything about this?  Could be worth a weekly visit
	  to Tijuana :-) ]

	All the best, Johnius

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