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On Wednesday, April 21, 2004, at 01:08 am, Johnius of Genius wrote:

> Hal wrote:
> A new report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy
> of Sciences has encouraging news about the health effects of calorie
> reduction. [...]
> These values look really good.  HDL-C is the "good" cholesterol and 
> that
> was the only one that was higher; all the others are risk factors and
> were lower in the CR group. [...]
> For those who can stick to it, the health benefits appear to be real.
> 	I can partially confirm that in my own case, I think.
> 	I recently went through an extensive series of tests
> 	(biomarkers, blood lab work, urine metabolites, physical
> 	exam, etc.) as part of my starting up with the California
> 	Healthspan Institute ( http://ehealthspan.com/ ).  The
> 	conclusion seems to be that considering all of my various
> 	measured parameters, I'm biologically about 80% younger
> 	than my chronological age.

I also can confirm this.  I have been a vegetarian for almost two 
decades.  Although I don't really practice CR, I do eat less calories 
than most people.  I am over 40 now.  I had a cardiologist call me back 
this year to "fix" my insurance forms because he thought the birthdate 
was wrong.  He swore that he thought I was in my early twenties.  I 
also had a GP recently tell me that my bloodwork numbers were the most 
textbook-perfect numbers she has ever seen.

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