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Thu Apr 22 22:40:03 UTC 2004

--- Dan Clemmensen <dgc at> wrote:
> Samantha Atkins wrote:
> > Hmmm.  Are there any technical reasons such a thing could not be
> built?
> >
> Yes. We've had a long discussion on this.
>   1) GPS uses radio wavelengths that require an antenna that is at
> least 4cm long.

Is it physically 4 cm long, or can it be a coil with a wire length of
at least 4 cm???

>   2) A transmitter that can send locator signal 100' or more must
> have both a big (4cm or so) antenna and a battery or other energy
> source will sufficient energy.
> These constraints are due to the laws of physics and will remain true
> even if the actual electronics are reduced to nano-scale.

Exactly which laws are we dealing with here?

There are possibilities beyond typical broadcasting. A unit could, for
example, draw power from ambient radio signals then use that energy to
burst inverse waves to selectively cancel out those signals to send
information by bits of dead airtime created by the destructive
interference. This would require significantly less power than typical
broadcasting which depends on generating a signal several multiples
greater than ambient noise levels.

> Thus, a stealthy injectable system based on GPS location and radio 
> transmission is not possible.

I always laugh when people say those two naughty words. History is
littered by the reputations of great men forever besmirched by being
proven wrong about something they said was impossible.

You are forgetting one important fact: the human skeleton is made of
calcium, a metal.

Also: there is no reason the implant can't deploy a flexible antenna as
an umbilical (it might even seek to grab onto bone). An antenna does
not have to be stiff, it can simply be a wire that deploys as the
projectile enters the body.

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