Spam:[extropy-chat] PRIVACY: GPS darts

Adrian Tymes wingcat at
Fri Apr 23 04:43:31 UTC 2004

--- Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at> wrote:
> There are possibilities beyond typical broadcasting.
> A unit could, for
> example, draw power from ambient radio signals then
> use that energy to
> burst inverse waves

Or just use piezoelectrics.  Draw power from the
body's movement; pulse off a transmission that can be
detected by satellites whenever enough energy has
been stored.  Which means someone seriously on the
move would be tracked more often than someone just
sitting still, waiting for the world to come by.
Possible issues with storing that much energy, but it
seems potentially doable, especially if the signal is
on a frequency normally kept empty.

> --- Dan Clemmensen <dgc at> wrote:
> > Thus, a stealthy injectable system based on GPS
> location and radio 
> > transmission is not possible.
> I always laugh when people say those two naughty
> words. History is
> littered by the reputations of great men forever
> besmirched by being
> proven wrong about something they said was
> impossible.

Having been on both sides of that particular
situation, I always qualify those words, for instance
with "not possible using today's technology" or "I do
not see a way this could be done".

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