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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at
Fri Apr 23 16:43:19 UTC 2004

I wouldn't say that one needs any kind of long range to this weapon.
The purpose is ostensibly to tag demonstrators during marches, etc. for
later peaceful pickup, interrogation, and possible 'dissapearance' by a
tyrannical government. One could sit in a 2nd floor office building
window tagging likely leaders from no more than 20-40 yards range.

I could nail anyone in the butt with one of these projectiles with an
air pistol from that range.

--- Samantha Atkins <samantha at> wrote:
> RFIDs and cellular equipped readers sprinkled throughout the urban 
> environment could go some ways toward such tracking.  RFIDs could be 
> small enough surreptitious application but not from long range
> snipers.
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