SI morality (was: [extropy-chat] Re: extropy-chat Digest, Vol 7, Issue 18)

Amara Graps amara at
Fri Apr 23 19:42:17 UTC 2004

>Mike Lorrey wrote:

>>deimtee <deimtee at> wrote:

>>>  Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>>>  I would argue even further that since these activities are the
>  > opposite of the scientific method, those people who behave this way
>>  > are not behaving like scientists.

>>  No, they are behaving like science teachers.  This is not meant to be
>>  funny, many science teachers do behave like this, at all levels.

>Experimental evidence supporting the proverb that those who can't do,
>teach? ;)

Hummph. In another one of my jobs, I'm a science teacher.


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