[extropy-chat] ImmInst Update - Brain-Computer Interfacing

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Sun Apr 25 17:49:55 UTC 2004

Dear Fellow ImmInst Member,

Sorry about the recent ImmInst website outage (Apr 23-25). 

I managed to create a file with an infinite feedback loop. 
Maggy, our wonderful host from http://www.kia.net, put 
in a number of productivity draining hours to fix my silly error. 

Thank you Maggy,  

Bruce Klein
Chair, ImmInst.org 

ImmInst Chat:  Brain-Computer Interfacing 
Shawn Mikula, creator of Mind-Brain.com, joins ImmInst 
to discuss his current work, the future of brain-computer 
interfacing and immortalism. 
Chat Time: Sunday Apr 25 @ 8 PM Eastern 

Facing Cryonics 
Total: 31 - http://www.imminst.org/facing_cryonics 

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