[extropy-chat] New site www.e-drexler.com

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Mon Apr 26 03:19:43 UTC 2004

Hal Finney wrote:

> According to an announcement I saw today, Eric Drexler has somewhat
> belatedly set up a personal web site, http://www.e-drexler.com/.
> Those who know Drexler for his work on nanotechnology may be surprised
> that the site is not exclusively about nanotech, but in general about
> "emerging technologies of broad importance".  Initially the two he is
> focusing on include nano (of course), but also secure, distributed
> computing.  Indeed, the title of the site is "nanotechnology -
> e-drexler.com - secure computing".
> The flavor of secure computing Drexler advocates is what is known
> as object based capabilities.  This is an unconventional approach to
> distributed software which achieves security by putting strict limits
> on the abilities of any piece of code to communicate or interact with
> other objects in the system.  A good example is the E program language
> by Mark Miller, http://www.erights.org/.

I think its good that the site contains a glossary. Its always helpful to 
know what on earth people think they are talking about. 

And interesting that the chapters that make up part III (alledged)
Implementation strategies (that would *really* expose the jugular) are
NOT available online. 

If the Implementation strategies (chapters 15 and 16) are useless then 
one could throw all the rest into the trash.  

I wonder if even what is available now will stay available on the open
internet for long or if we will instead see the nervousness of the naked
when children learning science and critical thinking can say "hey that
argument has absolutely no clothes on it". 

Brett Paatsch

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