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I only have a few moments to write, as I am just online from Spain to write
this, and I am deeply saddened today about my dearest friend Roy Walford.

If Roy had made cryonic suspension plans, it would be confidential and I am
in no poisition to reveal any confidentiality. In deference to Roy, let us
accept the decisions that he provided to the public and allow these
decisions to be held a the level of privacy he wished. 

Let us think the most admireable thoughts about Roy Walford, forever
respect his enormous contributions to life extension, credit him as a
marvelous Artist, and remember him in our thoughts.

my best to all on this terrible, terrible event,


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> So much, alas, for starvation. But I'm surprised that Dr. Walford did 
> not take the cryonic path. Anyone here know why?

Not sure, but he did have ideas about staying here for a while, as 
quoted from Closer To Truth:

*Question:* A hundred years from now, what is the average life 
expectancy in America?

*Roy Walford:* I'll still be here
. Many people alive today--at least, 
the children--will live through the next century and on into the 
following one. The average life expectancy will be a hundred and fifty 

More: http://www.closertotruth.com/topics/healthsex/108/108transcript.html

Bruce Klein
Chair, ImmInst.org

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