[extropy-chat] with god on our side

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Thu Apr 29 18:02:57 UTC 2004



Once the younger Mr. Bush's faith took hold, it spread to his political 
ambitions. "I believe that God wants me to be president," is what Richard 
Land, a leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, recalls hearing Mr. Bush 
say in a meeting with close associates on the day of his second inaugural 
as governor of Texas. Once elected president, Mr. Bush went to work. "We 
need common-sense judges who understand our rights were derived from God," 
he says in a 2002 clip. "And those are the kind of judges I intend to put 
on the bench."

The documentary revisits a 1993 interview Mr. Bush had with a reporter for 
The Houston Post, Ken Herman, on the day he announced his intention to run 
for governor. Mr. Herman recalls that Mr. Bush said he believed that a 
person had to accept Christ to go to heaven, a view that Mr. Herman published.

"The political ramifications of that were huge," Mr. Wead explains. "And so 
he doesn't talk about that anymore." (During the 2000 campaign Mr. Bush 
said he thought schools should teach both creationism and evolution, but he 
has not been as forthcoming about which theory he personally prefers.)

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