[extropy-chat] Query re: S.F. lodging

Robert J. Bradbury bradbury at aeiveos.com
Thu Apr 29 19:45:14 UTC 2004

I may be coming into the S.F. Bay area May 14-17 (or some fraction
thereof) to attend the Foresight Senior Associates conference.
I would normally stay with Spike but he is planning on being out
of town that weekend.  Is there anyone else, esp. in the South
Bay area that would not mind providing sleeping space for a few

For someone who wants to attend as a guest of a senior associate
you can get yourself into the entire conference for $195.

If interested please send me an offlist email with your location so I
can study what the transportation options might be.  The conference
is on El Camino at the southern end of Palo Alto.


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