[extropy-chat] Carbon bonding from Cassini and on Earth

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Sun Jul 4 00:22:18 UTC 2004

I didn't process this, my VIMS group at Tucson and JPL processed this:

Titan's surface revealed
July 3, 2004 	Full-Res: PIA06405

Piercing the ubiquitous layer of smog enshrouding Titan, these images
from the Cassini visual and infrared mapping spectrometer reveals an
exotic surface covered with a variety of materials in the southern

Using near-infrared colors--some three times deeper in the red visible
to the human eye--these images reveal the surface with unusual
clarity. The left image shows a variety of surface features at a
wavelength of 2.0 microns. The darker areas are possibly regions of
relatively pure water ice, while the brighter regions likely have a
much higher amount of non-ice materials such as simple hydrocarbons.
The middle image measured at a wavelength of 2.8


and I dedicate it to Eugene and Ulrike, who now have the hitched pleasure
of exploring each other's exotic surface for a very very very long
time. Thank you for letting me participate in your precious day, Eugene.

(and again, Congratulations!)


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