[extropy-chat] dancing and politics in the sports world

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Tue Jul 6 10:03:08 UTC 2004

Last Sunday night, Greece won the Europe 2004 soccer match. I didn't
know because I was on planes, trains and automobiles. However, the
night before, I accidently experienced some of the Greek dancing in
a suburb of Muenchen, in their anticipation of their astounding
beating-all-odds win.

On Saturday night, after the big WOW! celebration of Eugene and
Ulrike's wedding, his mother and I visited a Greek restaurant to have
a drink,  and, in the restaurant was live music: from a bouzouki, and
a guitar, and dancing and dancing and dancing. Spontaneous! Just as I
read, it is *true*. The Greeks dance when they are sad,they dance when
they are happy... The music from the bouzouki grabs you, holds you,
and doesn't let you go, and so you _must_ dance.

The center floor was filled with Greeks making their wonderful dances.
Probably I would have gone on the floor to dance the last one.. I was
almost there...

The last song was that famous piece that Anthony Quinn dances to, in
the film:  _Zorba the Greek_. The dance to that song called the 'eagle
dance'. I've seen it, and the Greeks dancing on the center floor were
dancing that. Arms outstretched, Torso straight. Feet making those
little movements. Fantastic.

So then the people were whooping and dancing, when the song
accelerated to the next level in speed (you have to imagine how that
song goes),

and then...



the music STOPPED!

The dance floor was frozen with arms outstretched and feet glued

The German polizia were at the front door. The time was 15 minutes
after 12-midnight. A rule in the neighborhood of that restaurant is
that loud music must stop at 12-midnight. Some of the neighbors called
the police, I suppose, and so then the police came to tell the
musicians to stop.

That was the end of the party! What a way to stop a dance ....


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