[extropy-chat] Driver safety and the immortalist

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 7 05:50:58 UTC 2004

> paul.bridger:
> Just to be clear: this was my tenuous reasoning, not BillK's.

Oh, ok thanks Paul.  {8-]

> Very amusing conspiracy anecdote. Or rather, amusingly told.

You are too kind.  {8-]

> Were you saying that the quality of *urban* roads influences 
> the kind of vehicles people drive? I would find that quite surprising.
> road would have to be pretty terrible to cause discomfort to the
occupants of 
> a normal car.

Ja, the urban roads are those that are critical to the
outcomes of elections, for that is where the votes 

My notions were based upon a bargain BMW I recently
passed up.  The owner was honest enough to admit that
he had ruined three wheels in the past 4 years.  This car
uses expensive low-profile tires and even more expensive
magnesium rims, so one good pothole might cost ya 400 bucks,
owwwwww.  Being as this is the Sillyclone Valley, there
are plenty of these BMWs running around, and a single
pothole can cause many thousands of dollars worth of
damage each day it is allowed to exist.  Soooo... it is
allowed to exist.  No, I am not kidding, note face -->  {8-|  

Even the most hardcore libertarian can see that it would 
be a bargain to use public funds to repair the hole.  But
if the government raises taxes then still refuses to 
resurface the roads, the best course of action is for the
frustrated masses to buy the biggest rudest ugliest jacked up 
humvee available, then go out gleefully looking for holes 
to run over (muaaahahahahahahahaaaa, take THAT, you hole!).
A combination of testosterone and city living really does
do that to an otherwise normal mind.  Hey, it worked on me.



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