[extropy-chat] An Open Letter to the Scientific Community.

Alfio Puglisi puglisi at arcetri.astro.it
Wed Jul 7 07:51:32 UTC 2004

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Everitt Mickey wrote:

>While browsing thru some stuff at a truck stop the other day I came
>across this.
>Halton Arp, Max-Planck-Institute Fur Astrophysik (Germany)
>I personally never heard of none of them guys.....probably a bunch of
>cranks....as are the institutions they represent...why...not a single
>truck drivers school amongst the lot.....

Halton Arp is a famous astronomer, who worked a lot on non-cosmological
redshift theories, especially on quasar, that would probably invalidate
the big bang theory. His articles has been largely ignored, but many of
his questions have never been answered, and if you read his articles and
books he makes the case quite compelling.


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