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> > Very amusing conspiracy anecdote. Or rather, amusingly told.
> You are too kind.  {8-]

I have to agree with spike. Gummint isn't in the business of solving
problems, it is in the business of separating taxes from taxpayer,
personal liberties from citizen, for the least squawk while helping
special interest groups (profit or not for profit) drum up business.

Another example is that its been quantitatively proven that vehicle
inspections do not increase highway safety one iota (South Dakota, for
example, requires no inspections yet has no measurable differences in
accident rates), yet most people are required to pay local "inspection
stations" $15-$50 for the privilege of being charged an additional
$300-$500 every year for 'repairs' which in many cases are not needed.

There are similar scams for windshield repair, where your windshield is
shatterproof and poses no danger to you if it is cracked (the crack is
typically on the outside layer, not the inside one, thus no risk to you
of glass splinters), yet the State declares that a hairline crack is
going to obstruct your view, where the 2-5" wide pillars on either side
of the windshield and behind your door are merely 'blind spots' which
are your responsibility to see around/over/through. Blind spots are the
second biggest cause of in-traffic accidents (behind driver
distraction) but I've never heard of a person in an accident because
the crack in their windshield obstructed their view of something.

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