[extropy-chat] Prince C. warns nanotechnology could be like thalidomide

Giu1i0 Pri5c0 pgptag at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 09:26:41 UTC 2004

The Inquirer: "According to yesterday's Independent on
Sunday, Prince Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor,
also known as the Prince of Wales, and the first heir
to the throne ever to 'earn' a university degree, has
backed a boffin at Cambridge University who suggests
that nanotechnology could pose untold dangers in the
He said in the article that he doesn't fear grey goo,
has never used that term, and he doesn't believe that
self replicating robots will devour our planet. He
says the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of
Engineering are conducting a joint study on
nanotechnology which will help separate the facts from
the science friction.
He reckons that we probably know less about nanoscales
than De Havilland knew about metal fatigue. But we
reckon that Intel and AMD know more about
nanotechnology than he does. And that the
self-replicating robots devouring the planet probably
work for search engines and use nanoscale
semiconductors to propagate."

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