[extropy-chat] Politics: US talks of suspending elections

Samantha Atkins samantha at objectent.com
Mon Jul 12 17:41:10 UTC 2004

I am surprised this topic hasn't already come up here.   The US press 
is full of stories about possibly suspending US presidential elections 
if there is significant terrorism.   There are subtexts that they may 
be suspended even if there is a "credible threat of terrorism".

I don't know about you folks but this is the most frightening notion I 
have ever seen floated in the US press.  If we in the US do not have 
the power any longer to even elect the top of the largely unelected 
government pyramid dependably  then it is a dark day indeed.   We have 
taken a huge step down the road to super-banana-republic.    We are far 
fewer steps from de facto dictatorship than I ever feared.  Call me 
paranoid, but what is to prevent this administration from doing less 
than it could to stop a terrorist threat if it believes it would lose 
in November?    It will get very ugly in such an event.

The worst of it is that most of the people will yawn over even this.  
They will assume that "they know what the are doing and have our best 
interests at heart".   They will assume that their uneasiness probably 
has no real basis and stop thinking.   Very few will raise a stink.   
Few will even believe it is a credible threat.  They have believed for 
too long "This is America, it can't happen here!"   Simple belief that 
this is so or wishing it was so will not keep it away from our door.

Folks, pay good attention.   The freest, most advanced and most 
powerful country on earth is headed in more blatantly unfree directions 
almost by the day.    There is an extremely unextropic vector gaining 
in magnitude.

- samantha

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