[extropy-chat] Politics: US talks of suspending elections

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 12 20:20:26 UTC 2004

--- Dan Clemmensen <dgc at cox.net> wrote:
> My first reaction: The senior people in the Bush administration have 
> demonstrated a profound ignorance of the US constitution, and it 
> underlying principles. This is merely the most recent and most
> egregious example.

Somewhat, but no less than previous administrations. Bush, for
instance, does recognise my 2nd amendment rights as individual rights,
not community or states rights. He recognises the distinction between
legal and illegal combatants, but did get his wrist slapped in allowing
prisoners a legal hearing to determine legally which group they belong
to (the Geneva Conventions say it only has to happen at the end of

> My second reaction: The arguments in favor of gun ownership now
> outweigh the arguments against.

Excellent point. Citizens defending their polling places against both
terrorism and tyranny is the ultimate argument for the 2nd amendment.
Hunting and self defense are only secondary utilitarian arguments. If
either elections get scrubbed or we suffer attacks intended to impact
elections occur, it will take common citizens taking back their
elections from BOTH sides. Frankly, any person who lets a terrorist
attack affect their vote isn't a real citizen, IMHO, they are serfs
willing to be bullied.

> My third reaction:  I think that someone in the government should in 
> fact be thinking hard about how the the government and people of this
> country should react to a credible terrorist threat on election day. 
> There may in fact be threats which should result in suspending the 
> election. Therefore, we should in fact discuss this now rather than 
> closer to the election.  It may be that this is all that has
> happened. 
> Unfortunately, the Bush administration no longer has the credibility
> to initiate and lead this discussion.

I imagine that the 'world leaders'that Kerry has the secret support of
(China? Syria? Palestine? France? Iran? North Korea?) would love to see
a major attack in a polling area which will be of strategic importance
in the election, like Florida, where records will be so badly damaged
by an attack that the entire state will not be able to be counted at
all in the electoral college, leading to a hung jury so that we are
unable to declare a winner in the election, a situation that the
Constitution is not built to handle. If one is declared by the Supreme
Court, the losing side will make further declarations (this time real)
of illegitimate reign and the US will lose further confidence on the
world stage.

Prediction: attacks on polling places will occur in areas where the 2nd
amendment is not respected by state and local governments, where
citizens are not capable of defending the republic, and will vote, if
they are able to vote in fear as serfs, rather than in righteous rage
as citizens.

Characteristics of likely locations:
a) onerous gun control/gun carry laws, and
b) large muslim populations, and
c) ineffectual police (due to PC administration and/or union rules)
and/or National Guard units (due to being overseas)
d) far from significant military bases

Profiling for terrorists is not racial profiling, it is terrorist
profiling. 70 year old grannies, white males in suits, soccer moms with
kids in the minivan are not in the profile.

FYI: The Democrats invented 'racial' profiling. Hallowed liberal,
Robert Kennedy, as US Attorny General under his brother, in
investigating KKK anti-civil rights activities, ordered police and
national guard units across the South to profile white males at highway
roadblocks and other locations, on the logic that women and blacks and
other minorities could not belong to the KKK.... why was it okay then?

Mike Lorrey
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It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."
                                         -William Pitt (1759-1806) 
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