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Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Tue Jul 13 14:11:41 UTC 2004

>I was just watching Australian Idol... humming notes would be a *bad*
>>idea. People's PCs would be going bezerk! OTOH, basic computer use
>training courses would be replaced by singing lessons, which would be
>lucrative for my household, so I say go for it!

I would say that voice training is almost necessary for those people
using mostly voice input devices.

When I was working through all of my repetitive strain injuries ten
years ago, the 'new' solution offered at the time to the RSI folks was
the new voice-input devices and software (I have a 1995 DragonDictate
that runs on a 486 machine, for example), until those people started
getting injured voice-boxes too! So then the therapists started
suggesting that anyone using voice input go through the same voice
training as singers, in order to lessen the risk of voice injury. I
haven't followed the RSI field in a while, but i think that this is
still good advice.



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