[extropy-chat] Life extension housing

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 13 18:44:24 UTC 2004

Just so you know, y'all have corrupted my mom.  ;)

She's been looking into gerontology of late, I suspect
inspired in part by my descriptions of Extropian
philosophy.  From said studies, she's come up with a
house design filled with features that ameliorate the
practical negative effects of aging that senior
citizens face today, with the apparent result that a
number of common triggers of sudden negative health -
slips and falls, over-exertion to compensate for
joints that no longer work, and so forth - are greatly
reduced, if not eliminated.  The aim is to give 85-90
year olds at least the same quality of life they had
at 55-60.  (Or more precisely, allow 55-60 year olds
to move in and maintain their quality of life for 30
years, rather than have it degrade as normally
happens.)  The project doesn't make any mention of the
Singularity or related concepts, but one who believes
that will happen this side of 2040 might look to this
as a way to increase the odds of survival until then,
if old age would otherwise be a concern.

To those of you who've been looking to fund the
Methuselah Mouse project, I wonder...have you come
across some funders who like the concept but are
nervous about investing in new technology to deliver
it?  If so, might they be willing to get their feet
wet with a mostly conventional tech (there is some
high tech here, like sensors in the walls and gait
monitors to provide early warning of certain problems,
but even that's mostly stuff already being used in
hospitals) project, and if that goes well then they
might donate to MM?  Apparently, she only needs
$300-400K to get the demo house going, and that's a
loan with promises of interest and publicity for the
funders.  (Not that she'd turn her nose up at a grant
if one were offered, but the finances work out even if
it's a loan - though this would be on top of what she
could get from banks.)  If so, any chance you could
share some of those leads?

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