[extropy-chat] Politics: US talks of suspending elections

Gregory Propf gpropf1 at cfl.rr.com
Wed Jul 14 17:10:48 UTC 2004

Mike Lorrey wrote:

>Youre only saying that because Kerry has never been president before,
>so you really have no idea what he's going to do. It is axiomatic that
>whoever has been president is more evil because they've worn the ring
>of power already... doesn't mean that Kerry won't succumb quicker or
>more excessively.

Well, you've got a point but here's the way I look at it.  Say you run a 
business and you've got this assistant.  Let's say that there's a 
"dipshit scale" that runs from 1-5 with the median at 3.  You've worked 
with this guy long enough to know he's got to be a 4.5, maybe a 4.9.  
You put out the call for a new assistant and the best candidate who 
turns up sounds like he's probably a 4, but you don't know for sure 
because he's untested.  Basically, this is my POV vis. a vis. Bush.  It 
would damned hard just picking random people off the street to do 
worse.  I'm going to gamble that Kerry *isn't worse*.  I think that's a 
*very* good bet.

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