[extropy-chat] Politics: US talks of suspending elections

The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 22:15:14 UTC 2004

  One might speculate that some of
> the 
> terrorists would want to help reelect Bush, for they
> know 
> he will fight, and they desperately want to fight.
> The U.S. 
> joining the actual battle makes it easier for them
> to recruit.  
> Also Bush dethroned Saddam, who they hate.

There is an old warrior's proverb: "the enemy of my
enemy is my friend." The implications of that are
discomfitting to say the least. 
> Another interesting question is how European
> elections
> will be swayed by the terrorist attacks that will
> likely 
> precede the next several elections there.

> My speculation: a major 9-11-ish attack would help
> elect 
> Bush, for the USian proletariat doesn't know if the
> other 
> guy will fight.  I seriously doubt the US will do
> like
> unto Spain and elect the other guy if there is an
> attack in the days preceding the election.  That
> would
> be too much like being held hostage.

By whom? Bush or the terrorists?

  Altho I see
> little
> difference between the two major candidates, it is
> so 
> sad to think the election could be decided by
> terrorists.

Which brings me to the question who are the
terrorists? Those few random or organized individuals
that kill people or the people that make sure that you
know it happens, wherever it happens and whenever it
happens and incedently, kill people also?

Will you be bullied by Bush's henchmen into voting him
back in? There are definitive records that Al-Kaeda
was a CIA financed operation, trained and channeled
money by the turkish intellegence as a CIA proxy, to
fight the Soviet Union during their occupation of
Afghanistan. The operatives that knew the terrorists
then, still know them now. Probably go to Hooters
together with them before the "big day" when they get
to martyr themselves on international television. 

      People with lots of money and guns who have
dominated alpha male style from the dawn of time and
they have used the media to scare people into doubt,
worry, and fear. Weakening our resolve and making us
easy to manipulate. They fooled me during the
eighties, I was a teenager back then so I would have
been liable to buy some "magic beans". I believed that
the Soviet Union was a perpetual threat. I could feel
the USSR's nukes hanging over my head. The media
really does love telling us the sky may fall.
    The whole thing in Iraq has its roots in the Ollie
North scandals of the 1980's. That was considered a
betrayal of Sadaam Hussein by the
military/industrial/media complex that was selling
weapons to his enemies in Iran.
     These men take every opportunity to convince us
that this world is a big scary place filled with
danger waiting to strike around every corner. All so
the government can borrow huge sums of money from
their friends at high interest rates to buy guns,
missiles, and nukes, that their other friends
manufacture, to protect me from the enemy that their
other friends in the media tell me inccessently about.
Enemies to whom they have appently loaned money to and
sold weapons to to begin with.
      At least back during the "cold war" this
manufactured threat was one that was plainly visible. 
Now they have us believing in the "boogie man". A
vague uncertain threat that is statistically safer for
me to face than getting on the freeway. Jimmy Carter
tried to protect us from excessive speed related
fatalities but we hated that so we are willing to risk
our lives for speed but not for freedom?
      Do not allow yourself to be afraid. Spread the
word. The rest of the world needs us as much as we
need it. Fear not. Fear is unextropic. Fear is the
mindkiller. Vote aginst the fear and death mongers.
Vote for the Other Guy. King George must go!


The Avantguardian 

"He stands like some sort of pagan god or deposed tyrant. Staring out over the city he's sworn to . . .to stare out over and it's evident just by looking at him that he's got some pretty heavy things on his mind."

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