[extropy-chat] Singularity Institute Announces "3 Laws Unsafe" Campaign

Tyler Emerson emerson at singinst.org
Thu Jul 15 23:13:45 UTC 2004


ATLANTA, GA - In anticipation of 20th Century Fox's July 16th 
release of I, Robot, the Singularity Institute announces "3 Laws 
Unsafe" (http://www.asimovlaws.com). "3 Laws Unsafe" explores the 
problems presented by Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, the 
principles intended for ensuring that robots help, but never harm, 
humans. The Three Laws are widely known and are often taken 
seriously as reasonable solutions for guiding future AI. But are 
they truly reasonable? "3 Laws Unsafe" addresses this question.

Tyler Emerson, Executive Director of the Singularity Institute: 
"The release of I, Robot is a wonderful chance to engage more 
people about the perils and promise of strong AI research. The 
constraints portrayed in I, Robot appear extremely dangerous and 
excessively lacking as an approach to moral AI. The Singularity 
Institute's detailed approach, by contrast, utilizes advanced 
technical research for creating a mind that is humane in nature."

"3 Laws Unsafe" will include articles by several authors, weekly 
poll questions, a blog for announcements and commentary related to 
I, Robot and the Three Laws, a free newsletter subscription, and a 
reading list with books on relevant topics such as the future of 
AI, accelerating change, cognitive science and nanotechnology.

The Singularity Institute's Advocacy Director, Michael Anissimov: 
"It is essential that more considerate thinkers get involved in 
dialogues of AI ethics and strategy. Although AI as a discipline 
has a dubious history of false starts, the accelerating growth of 
computing power and brain science knowledge will very likely result 
in its creation at some point. In the past few years, technologists 
such as Ray Kurzweil and Bill Joy have been informing the public 
about this critical issue; but much more awareness is now needed."

The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI) was 
founded in 2000 for the pursuit of ethically enhanced intelligence 
by creating humane AI. SIAI believes the ethical and significant 
enhancement of intelligence will help solve contemporary problems, 
such as disease and illness, poverty and hunger, more readily than 
other philanthropic causes. SIAI is a tax-exempt non-profit 
organization with branches in Canada and the United States.

For more information, please visit http://www.singinst.org. 

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