[extropy-chat] Seeking an English language publisher for _Volcanoes of Light_ book

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Fri Jul 16 14:35:58 UTC 2004

Dear Transhumanists:

I am interested in finding an English language book publisher for a
photography book about Sicilian volcanoes.

The book contains about 175 photographs, grouped in ~60 themes, with a
paragraph written for each theme. The themes show the many 'faces' of
the volcanoes of south Italy, with most of the photographs having been
taken at a close range. Some themes give a small volocanology lesson,
other themes describe the culture living around the volcanoes, yet
other themes present celestial views on comets and the zodiacal light.

The first version is written in Italian, and will be printed sometime,
we hope, before the next big Etna eruption.... :-). The photographer
keeps the rights to his photographs, but the Italian publisher has
3000 dpi scans of the original slides, which would be useful to
another publisher, if the other publisher makes an arrangement with

Even though I am biased about this book (knowing well the photographs
and the photographer, and having written the words), I doubt that
National Geographic can beat the clarity, strength, beauty, and
emotional impact of these photographs.

I prepared a sample of some pages from the book, so you can see for
yourself. ('flexible' formatting currently)

http://www.amara.com/VulcanidiLuce/VulcanidiLuce_sample.pdf (2.3 Mb)

If you have ideas, or better yet, know of a publisher personally, who
would be interested in such a book, then please introduce us and pass
this pdf file on to him/her. (contact me at amara.graps at ifsi.rm.cnr.it)

Thank you,



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