[extropy-chat] Re: technological equilibrium

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>Subject: RE: [extropy-chat] Re: technological equilibrium
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> > Subject: [extropy-chat] Re: technological equilibrium
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> >
> > Spike writes:
> >
> > > A small voice in the back of my mind is telling me
> > > human toolmaking only goes back ~100k yrs.
> >
> > I knew I wasn't the only one hearing those voices!
> >
> > Harvey Newstrom...
>Except this one was lying, and I had the right answer
>the first time.  I googled, found Homo habilis was the
>first toolmaking species, they do go back almost
>2 million years, and they made stone tools the same way
>for half a million years.  Lesson Harvey: we shouldnt
>listen to the voices.  They dont google.

When they eventually do, will that mean you are borg?  ("You" as in plural, 
of course?)

You're only crazy when the voices start laughing at you.


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