[extropy-chat] An Open Letter to the Scientific Community.

Everitt Mickey evmick at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 18 16:43:01 UTC 2004

In response to a previous post of mine there were the replies.

> You probably should have heard of this one.
> He also had some rather unconventional theories about so-called 
> "fossil fuels". (He claimed, and presented a fair bit of evidence, 
> that petroleum deposits were actually primordial rather than fossil.)
> He also died recently - 22 June 2004.

Halton Arp is a famous astronomer, who worked a lot on non-cosmological
redshift theories, especially on quasar, that would probably invalidate
the big bang theory. His articles has been largely ignored, but many of
his questions have never been answered, and if you read his articles and
books he makes the case quite compelling.



Well my post was rather tounge in cheek.  (very hard to talk that way).....

What I'm getting at is that I've run across a LOT of "out of the main stream"  information that seems to me to be very plausible.  I visit James P. Hogan's website pretty regularly and he has comments and indicators to much of what I'm referring to. 
James P Hogan Homepage <http://www.jamesphogan.com/homepage.shtml>

I find it fascinating.  I also find it rather alarming the way people such as Arp are treated whenever they find something or suggest something which is "outside the pale".  Supposedly science is the search for new knowledge right?  Who was it that said "It's not what you don't know that hurts you.....It's what you do know that AINT SO.....that hurts you"....I forget the name right now....Probably Shake Spear or one of them guys.

So how come guys who come up with interesting ideas...(like plate techtonics....the solar centric version of astronomy....the germ theory of biology...etc.  ) get pilloried.?   hmmmmmm...some of them ideas turned out to be right i think.....naw...can't be....

Everyone knows the earth is the center of the universe......the big bang guys say so.....after all....the "finger of the gods" point right AT the earth.

At any rate.

I remember Occam's Law.   And dark matter, dark energy, variable expansion, multi-flavored nutrino's (etc. etc.) seem to be grasping at straws.

But what I'm REALLY interested in is boron-hydrogen fusion....via Focus Fusion. 
Focus Fusion Society <http://www.focusfusion.org/>

However...it appears to clash with the entrenched interests.  Tokamak rules right? 

At a roadside park in Iowa (I love wireless internet) on the road again....holiday over. 

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