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Wed Jul 21 14:11:13 UTC 2004

I am forwarding this upcoming UCLA course taught by Jeannie Novak.  Jeannie
is a big-mover in the entertainment gaming industry and she is an absolute
delight to listen to.



 NEW COURSE: Industry Convergence (UCLA Extension) 
 July 20, 2004


Attention: Indiespace List Members,


Jeannie Novak is teaching a new UCLA Extension course starting this

Industry Convergence: Film, TV, Music, Toys & Games
Starts Saturday, July 24; 10:00am-1:00pm
2209A Bunche Hall 

Register online at http://uclaextension.edu
(For fast enrollment, click on the "Quick Enroll" tab and enter Reg# Q5788B
in the field)

Industry Convergence: Film, TV, Music, Toys & Games

The game industry is the fastest growing segment of the entertainment
market and an excellent field for career advancement for film, television,
and music industry professionals who are interested in making a career
transition. To prepare participants who want to advance their careers in
the game business or who are merely interested in this rapidly converging
market, this course will cover both similarities and differences between
games and film/television and discuss how to transfer traditional media
skills to specific positions within the game industry. 

Topics covered include genres, platforms, storytelling techniques,
character development, ratings, historical analysis, market research,
production phases, management techniques, crew roles and responsibilities,
cinematics vs player control, linearity vs non-linearity, player-developer
collaboration, and the significance of gameplay. New hybrid forms of
entertainment – such as machinima (“machine cinema”) -- will also be

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