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On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 07:49:58 -0700, Natasha Vita-More
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> > > I have a woolly theory that people with a "P" in the Myer-Briggs J/P
> > > dimension tend toward taking baths, and those with a "J" take showers.
> > > I'm "P" and I have baths, any other corroboration?
> > >
> > > Emlyn
> > 
> > Do you have a window and a view from your bathtub?  People who enjoy taking
> > baths and are also artistically/aesthetically inclined enjoy a vista while
> > soaking.
> > 
> > Natasha
> > 
> Actually we're currently renting our house, and it has no bath, so we
> put a clawfoot tub out the back (outside). The backyard is secluded,
> the bath is in amongst all manner of greenery (not due to my efforts,
> I am a chlorophobe, or possibly a chloropath). It's a beautiful place
> to stretch out in a steaming hot tub and contemplate, you know, stuff.
> ahhh ... 
> By the way, are you singing in the bath?!  You have such an amazing voice.
> N

Thanks! Actually, I torture the neighbours enough already I think,
actually singing outside in the bath would just be too much.

(btw, new stuff coming out soon, Jodie & I have decided to reform The
Land Canaan after all this time and go for it again. I know I've
promised it before but this time it's really true. We will likely
finish a techno, metal-inspired version of Dido's Lament this weekend,
and I'll pop it on my website as soon as it's ready. Also, my website
is a bit flaky at the moment as I've just moved to self hosting, but
it'll settle down as I solve problems with my dsl, etc etc, so if it's
not there when you look, try again a bit later :-) )


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