[extropy-chat] 9/11 Commission Report

Dan Clemmensen dgc at cox.net
Sun Jul 25 15:32:30 UTC 2004

Kevin Freels wrote:

> I remember having the same dreams and worries during the cold war
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>     As a personal aside, in the last year or so I've had the
>     worst dreams of my life regarding "end-of-the-world scenarios"
>     caused by explosions - nuclear bombs and such (actually I haven't
>     had nightmares any like this, ever - and they've been coming
>     intermittently but consistently). 
>     Is anyone else on this list as worried as I am?  Does anyone see
>     any end in sight? 
In fact, the problem was pervasive during that era, and many folk songs 
reflected it. "Bob Dylan's Dream" come to mind, but there were others. I 
recall the nuclear blast drills at school, and the time during the Cuban 
missile crisis when my friend's father came home from his Pentagon job 
and taped the curtains shut over the windows to minimize flying glass 
injuries. These things tend to give you quite a bit to dream about.

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