[extropy-chat] 9/11 Commission Report

Erik Starck es at popido.com
Sun Jul 25 22:23:37 UTC 2004

At 18:41 2004-07-25 Bryan Moss wrote:
>Erik Starck wrote:
>>"International acts of terror in 2003 were the fewest in more than 30 years"
>That report, of course, was erroneous and was later retracted.

Some other numbers: this year, more than half of the population of the 
world goes to the election booth. That's the highest number of people ever.

Average life expectancy is getting longer and longer.

The number of people dying of famine each year is decreasing.

The world is safer, better and a richer place for more people than ever in 
the history of mankind. And no, it's not because of Bush.

Remember that when the news tell you how afraid you should be.


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