[extropy-chat] gmail invites?

Andrew Hitchcock extropy at andrewhitchcock.org
Mon Jul 26 06:17:54 UTC 2004

I've had my account since mid-May. A couple weeks after I opened it, I
started getting a few invites per week. Then, one day, I had five new
invites for my account. Two days later I had five more! I have heard that
they were trying to bring down the prices on eBay so no one would sell
them. About a month ago I stopped receiving any invites. They were having
lots of problems at that point (at least my account was) and they were no
longer worth selling, so I figure Google had accomplished their mission.
Since the big rush stopped a month ago, I have received only two invites.
However, I still have one. If you have an address you would like me to
send it to, you can e-mail me off list.


> Thanks to a not so anonymous extropian, I've got a gmail account, have
> had for a few weeks. Well, I'm gagging for at least one more account
> (for my wife), but I haven't had any invites so far (which I thought
> were supposed to turn up periodically). Does anyone know how this
> works? Have google stopped handing out invites?
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