[extropy-chat] 9/11 Commission Report

Kevin Freels megaquark at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 26 15:52:01 UTC 2004

> their target audience is, for example, the
> Palestinians who celebrated when the WTC collapsed.
> Low-profile targets won't impress that audience, and
> they know it.

I hadn;t thought of it that way. How about a totally different idea?

What if we create and release a virus into the middle east that causes men
to lose all their body hair? We can do this in concert with a holographic
imageof Allah projected into the sky telling them that they must love and
embrace all humans, and will be punished for their wicked ways.

They are fighting a different kind of war than we are. Let's pull out the
military entriely and mess with their heads. :-)

Kevin Freels

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