[extropy-chat] AN ARTIFICIAL BRAIN

Dustin Wish with INDCO Networks dwish at indco.net
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If you look at the advancements in 64 bit processors such as the new AMD
Opteron 64 processors they amaze and surpass the rest. The fastest
supercomputer in the world is running SuSE ES 8 in Japan for the AIST with
1,058 eServer 325 systems with 2,636 processors, all AMD Opterons. It can
perform 11 trillion calculations per second. 

One hell of a Doom server...lol


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On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 02:06:47PM +1000, Alejandro Dubrovsky wrote:

> Yes.  ETAs have been slipping for a while now.  From his latest stuff,
> it sounds like he's given up on the big brain idea (for now), and is
> going to try using PCs.

For time being, you can't beat the price/performance ratio of PC clusters.
Dedicated hardware has a high entry threshold, and only makes a difference
a few niches.

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