[extropy-chat] Culture

ben benboc at lineone.net
Sun Oct 17 13:28:30 UTC 2004

Natasha Vita-More said:

"Culture the development of intellectual and creative activity and the
products of such activity.  It is also the patterns of behavior endemic to
certain communities and reflects the ideas and ideals of that community."

OK, I see what you mean.
We are using different definitions for the word 'culture' (i have a very 
old dictionary).
I was thinking of it as a more static thing, like "the Eskimo Culture" 
etc., whereas yours is a more dynamic kind of thing.

I like yours better, btw.

"> but i'm sure you know what i'm getting at.

Not really, but I enjoyed your response."

I was getting at the relationship between society and culture, which 
made me think that what you said wasn't making sense. But you didn't 
mean what i thought you meant and it does make sense after all, so it's 
all ok.

"The two women could also wear Tom Ford designs, or practice
yoga.  Or they might even be transhumanists."

{:^o   :^>

I'd love to see a Mormon Transhumanist!

They must be like a hypercube: very difficult to visualise.

I'm not saying it's impossible, just that i can't imagine what they'd be 
like. (Anybody here a Mormon? - I hope i'm not offending anybody, but i 
once found the book of mormon in a hotel room, so being bored i started 
to read it. I had to put it down before it gave me a hernia. That's one 
funny book. I was beginning to think Peter Cook or the Monty Python 
people had written it.)

I know, i'm going straight to hell.


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