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Hi Dirk and everyone,

Just got back in town and saw this post. 

First, ExI is not a Libertarian organization.  Second, WTA is not trying to
damage ExI by making it mainstream.  Third ExI is a global meme, and we do
not need to have the word World in front of ExI.  This world has been a
real albatross for WTA because it is not an umbrella organization.  It is
quite the same as ExI in that it is world-wide and ExI holds the role of
developing the ideas of transhumanism.  This should be a known fact.  WTA
does not need to compete with WTA, so let us move beyond this meme.

WTA might be doing the wrong thing by trying to make transhumanism a
socialist ideology, but this does not compromise ExI.  ExI is supportive of
a transpolitical viewpoint, inclusive of the ideas and policies that help
assist in the realization of our goals.  We do not align ourselves with any
political organization, party or belief.  

Lastly, ExI has been involved in environmental issues for decades.  I was
just giving a 1 1/2 hour talk on transhumanist ideas to a packed audience
at the "Building Energy Conference 2005" in Boston at the World Trade
Center.  I was the only transhumanist there.  

We should be supportive of one another unless and until they derail

My best to you all -


Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute

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Mike Lorrey wrote:

>>From his website:
>"Dr. Hughes also founded and edited the internationally distributed
>zine, EcoSocialist Review, a publication dedicated to encouraging
>dialogue between social justice activists and ecological activists."
>Given his socialism and pedantry, I have long considered him some sort
>of Fabian entryist into the movement. His whole strategy is to drag
>ExI, by WTA competition, out of the libertarian territory into the
>middle ground of unprincipled compromise.
I tend to agree, although there has to be orgs for Transhumanists who 
are not Libertarians.
Where the Extropy meme *might* lose out in the eyes of the public is not 
having the word 'world' up front to make it seem all-encompassing and 

Hence the Extropy Institute might consider changing its name slightly to 
correct this.


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