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spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue May 3 02:44:17 UTC 2005

> ... Dealing with New Pope'sCampaign
> My interpretation of these verses from the Catholic
> Vulgate is that God WANTS us to be immortal and those
> who are opposed to this are UNGODLY... The Avantguardian

Coincidence you should mention this.  I was with my
very devout Seventh Day Adventist in-laws this past
weekend when a comment very much like this one was
uttered.  The devil wants us to perish, but god loves
us and wants us to live forever.

The biggest delta between SDA and catholicism in this
regard is the SDA version of the afterlife occurs right
here on this physical planet, no harps on puffy white
clouds, no halos, no wings.  Their picture of heaven is 
immortal but very much flesh-bound humans, in our current 
form, in a 1-g field, farming the land.  (I'm not kidding 
about any of this, they really teach that.)  The farming
existence is far better than current farming, because there
are no noxious weeds or pests and the work is light, even
tho not mechanized at all.

Each person produces abundant quantities of crops
(for what purpose is a bit mysterious, since *everyone*
there is a farmer and everyone is apparently producing
far more than he or she can devour.)

In any case, this meme may contribute to the SDA's general 
openmindedness about radical life extension techniques.


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