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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Wed May 4 00:39:18 UTC 2005

--- The Avantguardian <avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Natasha Vita-More <natasha at natasha.cc> wrote:
> > Does anyone think that the democratic interconnected
> > financial relations 
> > between nations could be a driving force behind
> > advancing worldwide human 
> > rights?
>       I think globalisation of western style
> capitalist-democracy would advance some human rights
> but not others. For example, it would further the
> "right to life" since corpses make lousy consumers but
> rights like "liberty and the pursuit of happiness" are
> not neccesarily advanced. Especially if there is a
> danger that the democracy is "fabricated". I saw a
> great quote the other day somewhere: "he who casts a
> vote has little power, he who counts the votes has
> great power". I am still very spooked and mistrustful
> of this whole Diebold paperless voting machine thing.
> It seems ridiculous to me that we have open-source
> operating system soft-ware like unix but the machines
> that count our votes run on proprietary software
> written by ultra-partisans.  

I participated in recounts after this last election. Naders people were
convinced that the scanning machines we used would be bad. Turned out
to not be the case, few elections changed by more than a handful,
literally, of votes. What I did find in the post election investigation
is that the humans doing voter registration, especially election day
registration, were far more unreliable. We already have far more people
who are guilty of vote fraud (but who the state AAG in charge of
covering up election fraud refuses to prosecute) than there were votes
not counted by machines.
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