[extropy-chat] Deep-earth methane generation

Bret Kulakovich bret at bonfireproductions.com
Wed May 4 13:20:34 UTC 2005

Exactly. And its not as if I hold this view in some sort of passion.

Just point me at a valid (hopefully published) source - I spend 3 hours 
commuting everyday.

Sure plates tuck and over run, and have been doing it for some time - 
but the distance travelled to place those materials where they ended 
up, particularly in the case you cite, doesn't seem to add up.


On May 3, 2005, at 3:47 PM, Mike Lorrey wrote:
> The real question to ask the critics of abiotic oil is: if oil ISN'T
> abiotic in origin, then how did all the dino-oil wind up UNDER the deep
> sea-floor (particularly the Gulf of Mexico, which is a pretty old
> plate), which has NEVER been above sea level, and is basaltic crust,
> not above any sedimentary layers at all? Continuing to claim that such
> oil is biotic in origin requires that one believe in Creationism for it
> to have wound up there from biotic sources.
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