[extropy-chat] Debate on Peak Oil

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Thu May 5 14:40:40 UTC 2005

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> helicopter which I would equate to a queen...

I won't touch that one, I'm trying to serious up a bit.  {8^D

> >
> > If the subway engineers could work out a means
> > whereby trains
> > had individual locking compartments, large enough
> > for singles,
> > some for pairs, a few for groups of 3 to 10, then we
> > proles would really like them and use them.
>... since
> when did you become a prole? I would consider you
> bourgeois at the least. ;) The Avantguardian

What?  Since always.  Bourgeois, noo waaaay.

Once born a prole, always a prole, even if life's 
circumstances are kind to one, as they have been 
to me.  The family historians have discovered I
have a fairly recent ancestor who was born in
Pretoria South Africa, so I am also an African
American.  I am thereby immune to much of modern
PC self flagellation.

It doesn't seem so difficult: public restrooms
have always had individual stalls that have a
sort of a lock on the door.  There is plenty of
room aboard every train I ever see for individual


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