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Thu May 5 19:17:30 UTC 2005

--- Amara Graps <amara at amara.com> wrote:
> (Mike Lorrey about why he doesn't subscribe to The Economist)
> >I don't subscribe for the simple reason that under the Patriot Act
> it
> >is well nigh impossible for a United States Serf to keep a bank
> >account, even an online one, without divulging a Socialist Slavery
> >Number, thus, I don't bank, anymore, not until my next secret
> project
> >bears fruit. Even PayPal demands an SSN now.
> The codice fiscale is even used (without the tourists needing to
> know) to perform the accounting for tourists staying in hotels. Did
> you ever wonder why the Italian hotel deskclerk asked you for your
> passport? They are usually not so nosy (and in fact there are much
> stronger privacy laws here than in the US), but it is for their
> money management: to extract a birthdate/birth country so that
> their accounting software can generate the codice fiscale and then
> calculate a tax for your room. 

Ouch, they invent an SSN for non-resident aliens? That is even worse
than here... though somewhat like when getting a ticket in another
state, that state will invent a state drivers license number for you
(rather than using your DL# for your real license) without even asking
you to enter into that contract.

> I haven't started to be concerned
> about it (yet) because the databases are not connected (yet), and
> the public servants I've met are generally squeamish about
> technology and computers.  Even though most of my transactions are
> with cash, my banks have full information about me, and it is
> impossible for me to perform my job (travel especially), without my
> credit card. For me this is sad, especially, since I worked very
> hard to remove credit cards from my life (I don't have debt with
> the exception of the long cycle of paying my work travel and
> getting reimbursed).

International data transfer is happening already through the tax
agencies. The intel agencies are piggybacking on these tax data

> >That being said, I do work for GoldGrams (http://www.goldmoney.com).
> >Coding, writing, graphic design, swimsuit modelling, you name it.
> Is this Anthony Hargis' work? If so, it's been years since I met
> someone living/working for gold. My housemate 20 years ago did all
> of his banking with Anthony Hargis and his gold banking. I didn't
> know it still existed. This is interesting.

This is run by globally noted gold expert James Turk and his son Geoff

Anthony L Hargis & Company is something else which is under permanent
injunction against operating as a warehouse bank purporting to offer
its customers full protection against the IRS..

GoldMoney.com is based on the Isle of Jersey, and as part of the rump
Duchy of Normandy, Jersey is not subject to any MLATs with the US or
its allied banking countries. Jersey is independent from England,
depite its head of state being Queen Lizzie (who is only Duke of
Normandy when in Jersey). 

Hargis was based in the US in San Clemente, CA, US Federal Zone 92672
and was thus subject to seizure and thuggery without appeal to an
independent judiciary.

Hargis seems to have been more like NORFED, Bernard Von NotHaus'
"Liberty Dollar" silver warehouse, though NotHaus doesn't make any
attempts to avoid or pretend to avoid the IRS. If Hargis had based his
operation on, say, SeaLand, he might have gotten somewhere.

I cannot further discuss this issue publicly. Those who wish to learn
more about what I'm up to wrt this please email me privately. This has
nothing to do with legality, but with proprietary considerations. Those
interested in breaching the last barrier to entry for digital
metal-backed currency should email me.

Mike Lorrey
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