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> > >
> > >... since when did you become a prole? I would consider you
> >
> > Once born a prole, always a prole, even if life's
> > circumstances are kind to one, as they have been
> > to me.
> ... For both liberty and equality to exist, every person must be a king,
not a
> prole. Reclaim your individual sovereignty, hold it tightly, greedily.
> Do not lightly lend it out to bureaucrat or contractor.

I hear ya, but actually I am quite proud to be a 
prole.  Animals and proles are free, according to
one of my favorite authors.  I use the term loosely:
a prole is anyone who must work for a living.

Nowthen, Mike, you are one who surely has read
Orwell, so you know that proles are those who
are outside the government's inner and outer
circles.  So you and I fit that definition, as
well as probably everyone reading this.  A prole
is not a slave, but the non-proles were slaves
in a sense.

> At least one US census I stated I was a native American. Speaking of
> which, I've been hearing more about this Pembina Band of N-A indians
> that Prof. Ward Churchill was a 'member' of...

Ah yes, the infamous Ward Churchill.  He is so
outrageous he must be part of some vast right-wing
conspiracy, perhaps cooked up by Carl Rove.  Churchill
established himself as an extreme left wing
demigod, then became so obnoxious as to discredit
everything he espoused.  By equating the *victims*
of the 9-11 attacks with Nazis, he caused the left
wing to flee in all directions, in complete disarray
and panic.

Could the Rovester have invented a more perfect
trojan horse?

> > ... public restrooms
> > have always had individual stalls that have a
> > sort of a lock on the door.  There is plenty of
> > room aboard every train I ever see for individual
> > stalls.
> But that wouldn't give any thug the opportunity to assault any other
> passenger...

The subway people *really* must deal with the thug
issue.  Especially as the world population ages
and grows ever less confident in its collective ability 
to effectively fight off attackers, those individual
lockable compartments on trains would sell like
hotcakes.  They could charge four times as much
per seat, and it would be a bargain.

Think of the appeal of having an hour's ride in
completely relaxed solitude.  A compartment could
have a reclining chair, a LazyBoy or equivalent,
so one could sleep, listen to tunes or read.  The 
trains could also offer several compartments big enough 
for two, so that young couples could have some privacy 
to get to know each other, perhaps some friendly 
copulation.  Twelve step programs or special
interest groups could form and meet in private
compartments made for such things.  Then they too
could copulate.  The Love Train!

> Subways, however, tend to be far more packed during
> rush-hour, at least in cities like NY and Boston.
> Mike Lorrey

Well right, but that is because there aren't nearly
enough of them.  You have seen the way the rides go
at Disneyland.  My notion is that trains could be
arranged similarly, so that a train leaves for some
remote suburb every few minutes, constantly.  Market
forces could sustain all of this with no government
subsidies, if trains and subways were made to appeal
to the proletarian masses by providing security and 


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