[extropy-chat] A crushing defense of objective ethics.UniversalVolition and 'Ought' from 'is'.

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Fri May 6 17:02:29 UTC 2005

"Keith Henson" <hkhenson at rogers.com> Wrote:

> mind concepts like good, evil, ethics and morality are
> dependent on objective reality.

If that were true you would expect a general consensus on what is good and
evil, but any two minds seem to have three opinions on morality. And if that
were true you would expect there would be consequences for being wrong, that
is, for being evil; however monsters who torture people every day have lived
long happy lives and died in their bed.

> There are reasons rooted in what is good for *genes*

Genes have there view of morality and I have mine. Genes think the most evil
thing in the universe was the invention of contraception. I disagree.

  John K Clark

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