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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sat May 7 22:10:52 UTC 2005

At 01:20 PM 5/7/2005, Adrian wrote:

>Part of my reason for posting this was to disprove that *all* people
>on this list do nothing - and to encourage those that don't, to step
>up to the plate too.  Doesn't have to be in science/tech (although
>that's certainly one possibility); other aspects, like politics and
>education, will need to be tended to as well.  Posthumanism isn't going
>to just happen; whether or not it seems inevitable, it will require
>people to actually make it come about.  The more of us that help, the
>sooner it will happen, and the better for all of us it will likely be.

Thank you for speaking up Adrian. Since this list is text driven and does 
not yet have the capability to peer inside the minds of posters and to 
record their day-to-day experiences, it is highly unlikely that any poster 
on this list has knowledge of what list members are actually doing.

This new list has a rule and that is insinuating comments intended to 
discredit list members will not be tolerated on this list.


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