[extropy-chat] META: Proactive Posts vs. Underhanded Posts

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sun May 8 18:03:02 UTC 2005


We are having a stream of posts that could be proactive and helpful in 
getting people motivated to build projects to spread ideas about 
transhumanism. This is a good thing.

We are also having some underhanded posts which are insulting list 
members.  This is not a good thing.

This is a warning to all list posters that on this list, we do not allow 
posters to make accusations using a broad stroke with an underhanded 
approach.  If it continues, you will be asked to leave the list or removed 


Natasha Vita-More
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Founder, Transhumanist Arts & Culture http://www.transhumanist.biz

Knowledge is the most democratic source of power.  Toffler
If Aristotle were alive today he'd have a talk show. Leary

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