[extropy-chat] Re: In defense of a good verbal contest

John-C-Wright at sff.net John-C-Wright at sff.net
Mon May 9 21:27:53 UTC 2005

Giulio Prisco also writes: "Morality is fundamental to us of course, but "2+2=4"
and "Thou Shalt Not Kill" are exemples of two classes of statements so
fundamentally different and unrelated that I just cannot see any point in trying
to mix them." 

Mr. Prisco and I are in entire agreement on this one point: statement of
mathematics and statements of formal moral principle are not in the same
metaphyiscal category, although both are rational rather than empircal, looking
to reason, not to experiment, for their confirmation. 

He and I disagree only in that I deem both are equally obvious, one to the
mathematical imagination, the other to the conscience. 

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