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Dirk Bruere dirk at neopax.com
Tue May 10 01:02:47 UTC 2005

Dan Clemmensen wrote:

> John-C-Wright at sff.net wrote:
>> Giulio Prisco also writes: "Morality is fundamental to us of course, 
>> but "2+2=4"
>> and "Thou Shalt Not Kill" are exemples of two classes of statements so
>> fundamentally different and unrelated that I just cannot see any 
>> point in trying
>> to mix them."
>> Mr. Prisco and I are in entire agreement on this one point: statement of
>> mathematics and statements of formal moral principle are not in the same
>> metaphyiscal category, although both are rational rather than 
>> empircal, looking
>> to reason, not to experiment, for their confirmation.
>> He and I disagree only in that I deem both are equally obvious, one 
>> to the
>> mathematical imagination, the other to the conscience.
> That's elegant and concise enough for me to understand. In 
> mathematics, I must accept
> formal logic and the Peano Postulates "on faith."
Not really, since they are *axioms*.
If they could be derived they would not be axioms.
IMO they are mathematical 'facts', or the equivalent of non-reducible 
physical data in the sciences.
While morality may not be mathematics I suggest that it does require 
logical consistency, and I have no objection to morality that is axiom 
based ie cannot be derived as long as those axioms are self consistent.


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